Nepenthe Books

--an imprint of Via Dolorosa Press--

Specializing in intelligent feel-good books.
Offering an array of styles and subject matter, ranging from the sublime to the macabre.

Our works are organized by type, in the following sections:


: Works celebrating our joys and pleasures, an appreciation of what we are able to experience.


: Works representing our various studies, our deepest thoughts and enlightenments.


: Works representing the strangeness of existence, the obscurity around us, the revelation of experience, the twist of consciousness.


: Works of a distorted, tenebrous nature, our nightmares and insane moments.

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nb001...Locust Erst Hyacinthe L. Raven...Originally VDP's first poetry offering, this chapbook contains poetry celebrating the beauty and passion of life. Sweet, soft verses whispered to lovers, complemented by woodcut images of Eden.

nb002...tai Sasha I. Nyktos...A poetry chapbook honoring the love between two people and the balance that is created by this union. A sincere gift to the one you live for.

nb003...simple Sasha I. Nyktos...From the wordsmith who brought us silence echoes and tai chi comes this poetry chapbook dedicated to nature. In his haiku-esque style, Sasha reminds us of all the wonders nature brings and all the "simple pleasures" that make life the gift that it is. Hyacinthe L. Raven...This small poetry chapbook bridges the gap between Locust Erst Lorn and Sasha I. Nyktos' simple pleasures. It is a celebration of spring and rebirth, and appreciation of life's cycles.


nb009...Gaeilge, Arís! - The Resurrection of the Irish Hyacinthe L. Raven...An essay following the history of the indigenous language struggle in Ireland. Full bibliography included, with some interesting source books for those interested in linguistics and/or the Irish language.


nb005...Roaming Hyacinthe L. Raven...Like wandering around a foreign town, this poetry chapbook brings us a mixture of emotions and a variety of sights. An eclectic collection, it illustrates the versatility of the mind and the impact of style change.

nb006...I am going to walk toward the Kelley Jean White...This poetry collection represents one woman's trip towards recovery, a deep, emotional journey of a healing heart. The verses are poignant and encourage all to reach their own state of well-being. A wonderful, welcome addition to Nepenthe Books.

nb007...Shivery Kiel Stuart...Our first fiction offering, this short story reflects a child's experience of death, a coming-of-terms. Magical and real at the same time, it leaves a positive impression of something still feared and unknown.


nb008...Sporting on Scott H. Urban...A delightfully macabre collection of poetry from a modern-day master of the art! We're still excited that Scott, editor of frisson, approached us with this work, and equally excited that the artwork inside was provided by an eternal favorite--Lara Haynes! This collection bridges the gap between our Erased, Sigh, Sigh and his frisson, providing for a wonderful introduction to those new to Scott's own writing or a tasty side dish for his long-time fans.

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